Testimonials from our highly valued students

“We joined Greenwood Yoga Academy in 2004. We both worked in busy jobs and had teenage children. We needed to do something that gave us a sense of peace but also challenged us physically. Yoga has proven to be an excellent choice as it has provided us both with more than we expected. We are lucky to have found a Yoga school with high quality teachers and with Margaret Willcocks’ significant experience.


Yoga at Greenwood Academy provides us both with the opportunity of doing something together. It is another activity that we have in common and can share the experience.

Jenni – Yoga takes my mind off a busy day and provides me with a settled mind. I have an excellent sleep after Yoga classes and feel refreshed and restored the next day. I am not a flexible person and Yoga has helped me a lot in this regard. The greatest lesson Yoga has provided me with is to keep gently persisting and it eventually comes. Yoga has maintained a level of physical wellbeing as I have got older and helps my general strength and balance.

Steve – When I started Yoga with Margaret 10 years ago my body was a mess and my mind was scrambled. Whilst I still find it hard to focus and Let Go in the meditation aspects of Yoga I have received a significant benefit in the management of my body and the rehabilitation of many injuries that I have sustained throughout my sporting life. I have been practicing Martial Arts for the last seventeen years and the major lesson of Ahimsa in Yoga has been transferred to the way I now train. It has taught me to be kind to my body and not to force it in an attempt to find improvement. Yoga has taught me that strength, balance and flexibility can dramatically improve through gentle persistence. For example, holding Yoga poses (Asana) has dramatically improved my core strength as opposed to countless sit-ups that hurt my back, neck and shoulders. The practice of Yoga is now a fundamental foundation to the balance and connection to my mind, body and spirit. With the tranquillity that Yoga provides I am able to cope better with the many demands that life can throw my way.”

Steve & Jenni C

"I am not a huge fan of yoga. Yes, I’ve heard about it but never liked it. Well, that is just me. Last year, I hurt my back & with numerous visits to physio didn’t help ease the pain. My sister suggested that I take up yoga. Well, since I wasn’t getting any better, I thought why not?!?!
I googled Yoga in the north of Perth & Greenwood Yoga Academy came up. It is pretty close to where I live so I decided to email them to enquire. Margaret (owner & principal teacher) was wonderful throughout my email enquiry & answered all my questions. Immediately I wanted to meet this beautiful lady. My first yoga class was calming, relaxing & I was all stretched out & my pain was almost gone. Margaret’s voice was soothing & her yoga skills were amazing. I was so impressed with her poses. Immediately, I was hooked. It was welcoming, calming & relaxing. Plenty of parking in the front of building. If you’re ever interested in yoga in the north of Perth, Margaret is the lady you look for"

Caroline C

"Wow! What can I say except I totally LOVED the Wed night’s session. I’ve only ever done one yoga class before at a gym/health club and I left feeling confused and disillusioned, however last night I left feeling on top of the world! The instructor was so patient, helpful, and really explained things well. And her voice was so soothing. The poses were just right for beginners, and the equipment really helped. I felt as relaxed as I would after a massage, but this is considerably cheaper! 🙂 Will definitely be coming back, and will recommend to my friends. Thank you for such an awesome experience."
Michelle M

"When I turned 50, I started looking for something that was good for my body and would keep me fit and healthy for the next phase of my life. What I didn’t realise was that it was good for my mind as well. I have fallen in love with yoga and with Greenwood Yoga Academy. I find all the classes are well structured, very informative and enjoyable. With so many class times, if I miss a class I can make it up on another day or time. Thank you, Margaret and the team, I am looking forward to enjoying yoga with you for many years to come."

Carole S


"I have been attending Greenwood Yoga Academy now for around six years and my yoga practice with Marg, Chioni and Rebecca has made such a profound difference in my life. I came to GYA stressed and sad and found myself healing and gaining strength to deal with issues through my yoga practice.  In the past years, I have suffered various health issues (including a broken leg) and without fail Marg has supported me through my healing and in my yoga.  With a class full of students, you are always on the alert for my specific needs in the class and you tailor my practice to suit my needs.  I am so very grateful for everything that Greenwood Yoga has brought to me. With my very heartfelt thanks."

Katherine B


"I joined Greenwood Yoga Academy in August 2012 & I still thoroughly look forward to every class. I go twice a week, every week. I am greeted by Marg’s warm smile every class, “EVERY CLASS”...I awake on Monday & Wednesday mornings with a smile knowing that at the end of my day I will reward my mind, body & soul with Yoga. When I lay in bed after doing yoga that evening, my whole body feels blessed ☺.


I started yoga mainly for the physical benefits, as I am dealing with two injuries, lower back & abductor muscle spasms. I’ve experienced a lot of pain at different times of my life, at times debilitating to the point of having difficulties with simple tasks like putting on my shoes! Yoga had been suggested to me often over the years by a variety of medical professionals.

By attending class every week I’ve been able to learn more about Yoga and Marg. After a while of attending Marg’s classes, I felt comfortable to open up to others in the class & became impressed by the length of time these people had been with Marg, some for over 15years! I also found myself learning from others in the class. Learning what yoga gives them & the way they share themselves with me reinforced why I too was hooked.

I have gained appreciation & respect for Marg after doing her classes. I see how aware she is of all her students and their needs. She notices all limps & aches as we enter her academy. She steers her classes towards each & every individual students’ needs. She includes each student in every yoga position and makes us feel we have her individual and uninterrupted personal attention. I feel that my body’s well-being is secure with Marg ☺.


Initially my approach to yoga mirrored how I approach everything - Head first, like a bull out of the gate. I was bending, breathing & stretching like I had never done before. I found myself competing with every prior performance of mine. I cherished the routine of my twice a week class & went for it. I find yoga complements my triathlon training. Twice per week I also run 9kms & swim for an hour, ending my weeks’ exercise with a ride on Sunday. Yoga has assisted my physical growth. I’ve become more flexible, stronger & balanced. My body is recovering a lot faster due to my commitment to yoga and healthy living.

I had absolutely no idea what was in store for me...

The spiritual lessons from yoga have started my real growth within. I have opened up a part of me that I knew I always had, but suppressed, and I am now accepting its power and awesomeness. There is something I get from yoga that words can’t describe, so I will try with examples. After my first class I remember driving home feeling happy that I had found something I’ve been needing for a while. I thought about how at the end of class Marg asked us to give our beautiful selves a hug, the best hug that we have received all day, and I started to feel quite emotional. We meditate after every class & usually Marg teaches us more & more about yoga & ourselves, I find myself soaking it up like a sponge. I am enjoying my life’s journey and accepting appreciation of each & every moment. I am enjoying the now, which is the same as before, just with more colour in the day & more scent from the flowers.

I remember leaving class recently with a smile of appreciation feeling satisfied with my efforts, or as Marg calls it, “Play” (Marg often concludes her class with, “We will play next week”). Marg noticed and queried why my obvious smugness with myself & I replied I am starting to understand yoga. She was delighted with the news. I had been regressing lately in my practise, which Marg had noticed, (Obviously!) and finding myself becoming slightly frustrated as a result. Marg changed a few actions to some moves, which in turn prevented further aggravation and discomfort allowing me to bounce back into the journey of discovering myself, but in a better place. It was then I realised that “Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about SELF-ACCEPTANCE”. I am excited, yet patient, to my future lessons ☺. Namaste..."

Stuart P

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