Senior Yoga Teacher - Robin Williams

I experienced my first yoga class in 1978, and have continued to practice yoga in its many shapes and forms through the years since then. My qualifications with registration with the Nursery Nursing Examination Board (UK) and Business Office Management certificate from Marjory Hurst Business College (UK) have given me confidence to manage my yoga business and assist my pregnancy students. 

In 2007, I decided to enrol in Greenwood Yoga Academy’s Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Course as for many years I had built up a keen urge to try to pass on the wonderful yoga experience to others, but without real success.  After taking up the training, I began to realise that training in ALL aspects of yoga, was the key to teaching a well-balanced class. 

On my graduation from the Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Course at GYA with a Certificate III in fitness, I also became a Senior First Aider and successfully completed a Mental First Aid training course. I am a Level 1 Registered Member of Yoga Australia and instruct yoga in corporate capacity for a major health fund and I also conduct private classes in people’s own homes.

My many years of yoga practice prior to becoming a teacher, and the wonderful Holistic Yoga Teacher Training Course, and years that have followed, are all a big part of how I teach.  My memories of growing up through all the stages that life brings, with the aid of my yoga practice, are still strong in my mind. These feelings of freedom gained through flexibility and by being able to cope with stress, together with the natural and logical experience of yoga, are aspects that I feel a need to pass on.

Now I have trained and qualified as a yoga teacher, my main passion is to pass on to my yoga students, the same benefits that I have gained throughout my many years of yoga experiences, in the most positive and beneficial way I can – to encourage them to make yoga an important ongoing part of their lives too, not only on their mat, but out in their everyday life.

Robin teaches a yin/yang style of class on Tuesdays at 5.00pm - 6.15pm and

6.30pm - 8.00pm.

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