Yoga Teacher - Pam Williams

My introduction to yoga was in George, on the Southern Cape coast of South Africa in 1985. This placed me on a passionate and steady journey along the yoga pathway. My early yoga teachers and influences were mostly from the Iyengar method, but over the years I have practised with a variety of teachers outside of this method as well.

In 1997 I relocated to Australia. After a few transient yoga classes, struggling to find my niche, I was referred to GYA by one of these teachers when it opened in Wangara in 1999.


Balancing study with my work as a specialist orthopaedic nurse manager and my home life, I graduated from the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) in 2013 with a Diploma of Yoga Teaching. The IYTA broadened and opened up a much wider and more eclectic understanding of yoga.


Trained in hatha yoga through IYTA, I remain influenced by the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar and the many Iyengar teachers with whom I have been a student.  Nevertheless, I thoroughly respect and continue to learn from my mentor, Margaret Willcocks, and still attend classes at GYA, supported by Iyengar classes in Perth and Margaret River.


My approach is focussed on alignment and foundation, seeking to teach yoga in the spirit of awareness and mindfulness, with steadiness and ease in asana (“sthira sukham asanam” - YS 2.46) balanced by the inherent goodwill and joy present in the intelligence of the mind, heart and body.


I am currently a member of both Yoga Australia and IYTA and serve as the State Representative for Western Australia for IYTA.

Pam teaches on Mondays at 5.00pm - 6.15pm.

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