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Corporate Classes

If your company is looking for a range of techniques to enable your staff to:​

  • gain greater body and mind flexibility, and

  • experience calmness and better productivity in the workplace, then we encourage you to contact us for further information.


We are professional and experienced Yoga teachers who can attend your workplace, seminar or conference venue to teach you and your employees about Yoga stretching, strengthening, breathing, relaxing and techniques that lead to meditation which originated from the timeless teachings of Yoga.



Suggested times and criteria for your corporate Yoga sessions:

  • 45 minutes allows for participants to have a safe and often challenging experience of Yoga postures and movements. A short but beneficial time is allocated for them to also experience some relaxation techniques.


Yoga teachers instruct for an hourly rate irrespective of the session being 45 minutes or 60 minutes.

1 x 60minute session class rate: $90 plus GST

1 x 45minute session class rate: $90 plus GST