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All Levels

All teachers

Our 'All Levels' classes are suitable for both men and women of all ages whether you are a beginner or have been practicing Yoga for sometime.

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Over 55s

Margaret Willcocks & Claire Voce

Being over 55 is a great age to start something new and to feel young at heart and in body and mind!

These classes are taught by mature people who understand the aging body and can provide options for everyone to choose from to gain the most out of their class. 

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Robin Williams

Yin yoga aims to inactively release tension around joints and connective tissues of the body.....

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Most teachers

We no longer conduct specific pregnancy classes as pregnant ladies are welcome to attend our general classes where they will be looked after and given appropriate alternatives to the more vigorous techniques to suit their needs (per the trimesters they are in).

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Yoga Specialist appointments

Various teachers

Yoga Specialist appointments  are for listening to clients and learning their needs requirements for a personal Yoga practice to aid their development on all levels of their being. Personalised programs will be developed and delivered to suit client's needs using particular Yoga techniques of Asana (movements), Pranayama (breathing exercises), Relaxation and Meditation for individual clients.

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Margaret Willcocks

For people who are recovering from injury or illness, or are pregnant, or simply for a gentle practice to build strength before participating in a more general class.

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