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Become a Specialist Yoga Teacher


Advanced diploma of holistic classical

Yoga practices



We are now taking expressions of interest for the next course commencing in March 2018.

This course has been thoughtfully designed to suit modern life, so you can study at your convenience and attend the academy for personal instruction and application of practical techniques.

Participants in this course will learn to develop and refine their skills and knowledge in order to earn a qualification professionally equal to health and fitness providers e.g. physiotherapists, pilates instructors, naturopaths, fitness instructors and counsellors.


Whether you’re ready to learn how to teach Yoga as a career path full or part time, or simply to deepen your self-awareness, we are here to support you. This academy has a caring and supportive mentoring program to assist learners throughout this course. Our mentors, who have themselves completed extensive units in anatomy and physiology, restorative and pregnancy, supervise trainees throughout the trainee teaching experience and provide valuable, constructive feedback on the classes the trainees are teaching. This is to ensure trainees are teaching others appropriately and are able to progress clients.

What will graduates gain from this course?

Graduates from this course, develop over the term of the course, into more compassionate, ethical, well experienced and knowledgeable Yoga teachers who have gained a solid understanding of students/clients’ needs and in turn, are more able to teach a variety of clients safely.


Greenwood Yoga Academy’s 52792WA Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practices is currently the only government-accredited Yoga teacher training course in Western Australia and the only government-accredited course for Yoga therapists in Australia. Since 2004, we have trained scores of Yoga teachers how to authentically represent the ancient tradition of Yoga in our modern context.


The study of Yoga for teaching and therapy, delivers invaluable skills and knowledge for helping others and oneself. This course delivers units in Yoga that cover: asana, history & philosophy, sutras, chakras, doshas, gunas, koshas, relaxation, pranayama, meditation, Yoga therapy and 12 other units from the training package for Health, Community Health and Business. We believe that Yoga teachers and or Yoga therapists should have knowledge in skills equal to people in the health and fitness industries as they are ultimately taking care of people’s body, mind, emotions and health. Therefore, the other units are included in this course to aid the business aspect of conducting a Yoga business and or clinic. To view the entire list of units within the course please view: Unit of Competency for Adv Dip 2017


Our Mission

Our mission is for Yoga teachers to be recognised as professionals in the health and well-being industries promoting Yoga as the ‘complete mind/body therapy’. Our trainers and assessors for this course are incredibly talented Yoga teachers who are experienced and dedicated Yoga teachers and therapists and who have their TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification and are accountable to the exacting standards of Vocational Education & Training Australia.

A Complete View On Yoga Teacher Training

Our 52792WA Advanced Diploma of Holistic Classical Yoga Practices is grounded in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, with our Yoga practice being informed and influenced by Yoga great Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.


GYA has no affiliation to any particular method or path of Yoga that has developed from Krishnamacharya’s students who over the years have each developed their own method or path according to their understanding and preferences. Participants are introduced to different styles/lineages and paths of Yoga to view more objectively in order to develop a well-rounded view of Yoga.


As a participant in the Yoga teacher training course at Greenwood Yoga Academy, you will have time for both personal practice and the practicalities of Yoga teaching. Participants are provided with suitable, experienced mentors to help them on their personal, individual journey and into their new careers as Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists. We understand that everyone learns differently, so we use different formats and styles of teaching and learning based on adult learning principles, including case studies, scenarios and role-plays to apply lessons to real life situations.


On successful completion of this course, participants graduate with a firm grasp of applied anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, counter-indications, adjustments and corrections, sequencing, pranayama and meditation. Graduates will be prepared to confidently manage their own Yoga teaching/therapy business with components on managing small business operations, client evaluation, referring clients to health professionals, managing work load and communicating with clients and colleagues in an ethical and compassionate manner, the art of negotiating, as well as marketing and promotions.

Please contact us on: enquiries@greenwood-yogaacademy.com.au or phone us on: 93423355 to receive further information if you can’t find it here on our site.

Our Principal Yoga Teacher/Trainer & Assessor

Principal Yoga teacher/trainer, Margaret Willcocks, has more than 25 years’ experience as a Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist and 15 years’ experience in training students of Yoga to become Yoga teachers and Yoga therapists.


Margaret’s background in human movement and meditation has informed her Yoga teaching style, along with the numerous workshops, seminars and conferences on Yoga that she has attended since 1989. Margaret has had the privilege to learn from many talented teachers, including Chris Banks, Val Pritchard, Anne Horsley, Ann Dragon, Norma Hay, Margaret Fiebig, Lyn Houlton, Lillias Folan, Rodney Yee, Geeta Iyengar, Caroline Coggins, Jill O’Halloran and Swami Alokananda to name a few.

What's the difference between government and non-government accredited yoga courses?


For an explanation of the differences between government and non-government accredited courses, please click on the link: Explaining differences between government Yoga teacher training courses and non-government Yoga teacher training course.


Please download a copy of the 2017 Prospectus, Handbook and Enrolment Form.


H3 Prospectus 52792WA 

H4 Enrolment Document 2017


Our Yoga Teacher Training Course Fees

$8000 GST included. This fee covers all necessary and required resource material and is not an upfront fee. Payments are to be deposited throughout the term of this course to Greenwood Yoga Academy’s Bank Account either a weekly, monthly or quarterly. An Application Fee for enrolment fee is $500 which is non-refundable. If Application is successful, the remaining fee is to be paid. There is a ‘cooling off’ period of 7 days after Induction and any deposit other than the Application fee will be refunded.


Course Duration

This course is conducted over a period of 2.5 years with training being conducted on one Saturday each month and 3 x 1 week intensive of 5 days each from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Learners are required to read the resource material before attending the training sessions in order to be prepared to contribute to discussions relating to the subject matter and to ask any questions etc. Home study and practice is required.


Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to have had at least 2 years of regular practice of Yoga with a qualified Yoga Teacher and OR a sound understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Greenwood Yoga Academy recognises that reading, writing, listening, speaking and understanding mathematical concepts and processes are integral skills required for work and are therefore an important component of training and for being assessed. All learners are individuals with different life experiences, literacy and numeracy skills which may all vary. If applicants have any concerns regarding Language, Literacy and Numeracy that may affect their training, are encouraged to discuss the matter directly with the C.E.O. before applying.​

Our Training Venue

All training will be conducted at Greenwood Yoga Academy – Unit 2, 12-14 Baretta Road Wangara. Ample parking. All Yoga equipment will be provided at the academy for use in training. A comprehensive library is available for use at the academy.

For more information about our venue, please click here.

Our Appeals Policy

Greenwood Yoga Academy is committed to providing quality training and assessment in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015.  As such, Greenwood Yoga Academy is required to have a policy and processes in place to manage requests for a review of assessment decisions, including those made by third party training and assessment providers who provide services on behalf of Greenwood Yoga Academy. This policy is based on providing and maintaining training and assessment services that are fair and reasonable and afford a forum where issues or inadequacies regarding assessment can be raised and resolved. The Appeals policy provides opportunity for appeals to be recorded, acknowledged and dealt with in a timely manner. The object of this policy is to ensure that Greenwood Yoga Academy staff and third-party partners, act in a professional manner at all times. This policy provides learners with a clear process to register an appeal.  It ensures all parties involved are kept informed of the resulting actions and outcomes. Contact GYA for full copy of GYA’s Appeals Policy.

Our Privacy Policy

Greenwood Yoga Academy is committed to providing quality training and assessment in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs 2015).  As such, Greenwood Yoga Academy is required to comply with Federal law regarding Privacy and confidentiality of employees, clients and contractors. The purpose of this policy is to outline how Greenwood Yoga Academy complies with Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).


Greenwood Yoga Academy is committed to complying with obligation under Privacy Act 1988, and the associated Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), specifically in the way it collects, uses, secures and discloses personal information.  Greenwood Yoga Academy is committed to safeguarding any confidential information obtained by the RTO. Greenwood Yoga Academy will ensure:

  • It maintains and provides a current Privacy Policy;

  • Information gathered for the express purpose of training and assessment matters will not be disclosed to a third party unless prior written consent is provided by the individual concerned, except that required by law;

  • The secure storage of all records;

  • The confidentiality of all information maintained on records.

See our Privacy Policy