About Us

Founded in 1999 in Wangara by Margaret and Keith Willcocks.

Our aim was to create a serene and unique place for people to attend to learn about and practice the ancient art and science of traditional Yoga. The academy is named due to history and association with the practice of Yoga taught by Margaret in her community before moving to Wangara. It seemed only fitting to name the academy Greenwood Yoga Academy to align our evolution from its roots in the local area.

Our Philosophy


We are a family business delivering family values and we understand the stresses and strains of everyday life. Our philosophy is based on the Yamas (universal law), from the ancient Yoga Sutras by the esteemed yogi sage, Patanjali. The Yamas are: 

1. Ahimsa: non-violence, non-harming of all living beings - compassion

2. Satya: truthfulness, non-falsehood

3. Asteya: non-stealing (this applies to people's time too - we always start and conclude on time)

4. Brahmacharya: restraint from harmful influences

5. Aparigraha: non-avarice, non-possessiveness

Our style of Yoga


Traditional Hatha Yoga taught with modern information derived from reliable research. Most classes use the Yoga props of blocks, bolsters, belts, blankets, balls, chairs and more to assist with the ease of the postures.

Our Teachers

Click here to meet our very friendly, dedicated, experienced and qualified teachers.

Our teachers are members of Yoga Australia and International Yoga Teachers Association. They are all very experienced and caring Yoga teachers who are all quite unique in their their preferences and interests in different styles and techniques. They  will inspire you to learn more about yourself and Yoga and encourage you to continue with your practice and learning.

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